Is It Time to Retire Your Air Conditioning System?

No one likes the thought of replacing their air conditioning system, but sooner or later it becomes necessary. Air conditioning is an important part of your home, and if your existing system doesn’t function the way it should, you may want to consider a new system before the heat and humidity of summer kick in. But is it time to retire your air conditioning system? A few telltale signs can help you make that decision.

For starters, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends replacing any air conditioning system that has been in operation for 10 years or longer. If you’ve maintained a regular maintenance schedule and routinely clean and upgrade your system, you can extend that life by quite a bit, but 10 years is a good basic bar. You might also consider replacement if your current system lacks the EnergyStar label; the sticker marks AC units that perform particularly efficiently.

Along those lines, if you find your monthly energy bills going up, despite the fact that you haven’t used any more appliances than usual, the problem may likely lie with your AC system. Wear and tear reduce the efficiency of your system: leaks spring up, motors work harder to achieve the proper output, and dust and dirt can reduce the flow of air into your home. If you’ve noticed spiking energy bills, or if you’re calling a service expert too often to address problems with you air conditioning unit, you may want to consider a replacement.

Finally, you might want to think about a new unit simply because your old unit lacks the features you might want. Two-speed air conditioning systems let you adjust the energy output for days when you don’t need a full-strength cooling performance, while programmable thermostats let you turn off your air when you’re at work then turn it on again remotely before you get home. A zone control system lets you turn the air conditioner on in certain sections of your home, tailoring comfort levels to match a given area and saving you energy by not cooling areas of the house you’re not using.

Regardless of the reasons, you want a trained professional to handle the installation needs.  H. A. Sun Heating & Cooling is dedicated to providing speedy and reliable service for air conditioning systems. Contact us today at (248) 335-4555 for a free estimate and let us spell out your options for installing a new air conditioning system.

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