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Do Tiktok Hacks Really Work?

Tiktok hacks

With social media sites like TikTok, DIY hacks and tips for cooling off are just a scroll away. But do they work?

Or, are they just “hot air”? We tested out some of the most popular suggestions, so you don’t have to!

One hack that’s been circulating suggests putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan to cool down a room. The logic is that as the ice melts, the fan will blow the cold air from the icy water throughout the space. We tried this, and while it did seem to cool things down slightly, the effect was minimal and short-lived. The bowl of water also had to be refilled with ice every 20 minutes to keep it cold, making this an impractical long-term solution.

Another popular TikTok trend is using blackout curtains or emergency blankets over windows to block sunlight and prevent heat from entering the home. This trick did noticeably reduce the temperature by a few degrees. However, it made the room very dark and dreary. It may be helpful for short periods, but we wouldn’t want to live like that long-term.

Some videos recommend changing the direction of your ceiling fan to run clockwise in the summer, supposedly to push cool air downwards. We made the adjustment to a fan and could eventually tell a difference in a cooling effect. This seems like a trick that could actually work, although it technically doesn’t make the room colder, it just redistributes the cold, in order to make you feel colder.

While some of these DIY ideas may provide minor or temporary relief, none are a substitute for a professionally maintained and serviced A/C unit. Things can also backfire quickly if you take DIY / Tiktok hacks too far, and take their advice over professional service!

At the end of the day, if you want reliable cooling this summer, your best bet is to have your A/C professionally serviced by a trusted local company like Sun. Our skilled technicians will make sure your A/C is running at maximum efficiency. They can check for leaks, ensure proper refrigerant levels, and make any other necessary repairs.

Investing in regular maintenance from a reputable company like Sun Heating & Cooling is the smartest way to keep your energy bills affordable and your home comfortably cool all summer long. Don’t take chances on questionable DIY hacks. When it comes to your A/C, trust the experts! Contact us today to schedule service, or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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