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Set Your Home to Vacation Mode

You’re probably seeing friends, family, and neighbors posting photos of their summer vacations on social media; it’s just that time of the year! But don’t get bummed if you can’t go on vacation just yet; we want to help turn your home into your own slice of paradise!

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Cooling Fixes for Multilevel Homes

Homes all across America experience uneven heating and cooling problems. This issue is more prominent in multilevel homes. When you invest in an expensive central heating and cooling system, you expect it to do its job. However, a variety of factors can keep it from being efficient. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to avoid and solve this problem.

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What is R22?

If your current A/C unit was installed before 2010, then it most likely uses R22. If you’re not sure what R22 is then keep reading; we’ll catch you up!

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Summer HVAC Checklist

The summer warm up is going to be in full effect for Michigan soon, so it’s better to be over prepared than not prepared at all! A part of this preparation process is getting your HVAC system, specifically your air conditioner, ready for battling the heat after all these months of cold weather. Here are four things you should remember this summer season!

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The History of A/C

With summer approaching, it has us thinking about all the wonderful benefits air conditioning has provided since its inception in 1902. Throughout history humans have gone to great lengths to control the temperature—from importing snow to sticking their undergarments in an icebox.

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5 HVAC Myths Debunked

A properly running HVAC system is a top priority for most homeowners and business owners. But there are still misconceptions and misunderstandings on how to best ensure your system is in top shape.

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Springing into a New System

Woman holding child in front of window

Out with the old and in with the new. Maybe it’s the sun shining a little warmer that ignites the Spring mentality that drives us to clean out our garages, closets, and the back of our cabinets. If you’re worried that your HVAC system is on the way out, consider the benefits of replacing your…

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Girl walking out of snow into green trees

The seasons are changing and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of this Winter. While it may be a little longer until we really feel the temperature change, the urges to clean are in full swing.  Before breaking out the mop and vacuum, keep in mind that your HVAC system needs a cleaning…

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Why is my heat cycling?

Man freezing and shivering in scarf

If you can hear your furnace turning off and on constantly and you’ve noticed your energy bill creeping up, you’ve probably fallen victim to short cycling. There are a few main reasons why your system is cycling. Dirty Air Filters This is the most common cause of short cycling. A dirty filter restricts air flow…

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