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How Do Leaves Impact Your System?

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With summer finally coming to a close and fall around the corner, we want to answer a question that our customers frequently ask us.

Do leaves and fallen foliage affect your HVAC system?

The short answer is yes, and we’ll explain why!

How fallen leaves affect your outdoor unit

Your HVAC system’s outdoor unit, which contains the condenser coil and compressor, is tasked with expelling latent heat collected from inside your home. To accomplish this, your outdoor cabinet uses a powerful fan to draw cool air from the bottom and sides of the unit, which it then uses to disperse warm air through the top of the cabinet.

With this setup, it’s easy to see how fallen leaves can impact your HVAC system. Leaves that pile up at the bottom of the unit can choke off crucial airflow, making it difficult for your HVAC system to disperse latent heat. Such blockages can also cause a noticeable drop in HVAC system efficiency, making your unit use more energy for declining levels of performance.

Airflow blockages caused by fallen leaves can even damage portions of your HVAC system, including the condenser coil and A/C compressor.

How to prepare your system for fall

There are some very easy tasks you can do around your yard to ensure your outdoor unit is properly taken care of.

  • Ensure that fallen leaves and other debris are cleared from your yard.
  • Bag raked leaves to prevent the wind from blowing them everywhere.
  • Thoroughly inspect and clean your outdoor HVAC unit.
  • Use compressed air to blow out any leaves and debris found within your unit.
  • Trim overhanging limbs to keep leaves from falling through the fan vent.
  • Use an HVAC cover to protect your unit when it’s not in use.

Schedule your HVAC tune-up before fall arrives. Or if you just want help deciding the best way to care for your HVAC system through the fall season, look no further than Heating & Cooling! If you live in Oakland County, please call us at (248) 986-1506 or schedule an appointment online today!

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