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Our Favorite Manufacturer Carrier is Doing Cool Stuff!

cool comfort with Carrier

Our friends at Carrier have done it again. This innovative technology is perfect for hot Michigan summers and will keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low.

Since Sun is a big proponent of Carrier systems, and we trust them most as the systems to install for our customers, we want to talk about Carrier’s fantastic new Abound™ Net Management Solution. We know it sounds a bit boring, but trust us, you’ll be interested to hear what new tech is on the horizon!

Smart and energy-efficient cooling

The Abound™ system brings intelligent energy management to the user. What the heck does that heck? Well, it will allow people to view real-time insights into their heating and cooling system’s performance and make adjustments to optimize energy efficiency.

Can be fitted to existing heating and cooling systems

Worried about compatibility in the future when this tech comes out, and could you install it onto your current system? Fear not! Carrier’s Abound can easily be fitted to existing heating and cooling systems. This ensures you wouldn’t need to buy new compatible equipment.

Remote control access

Carrier’s Abound™ will offer remote access through an app, making it easy to control your heating and cooling system from anywhere. Whether at work or on vacation, you can adjust the temperature settings, monitor how much energy is consumed, and even schedule maintenance visits.

Enhanced comfort and indoor air quality

Abound™ not only optimizes cooling performance but also ensures excellent indoor air quality. Continuously monitoring the air inside your home can identify issues like high humidity or poor ventilation and automatically make adjustments to create the perfect indoor environment.

Expert support from Sun Heating & Cooling

As a proud Carrier partner, Sun Heating & Cooling is here to provide expert support and installation services for whatever Carrier comes out with and these awesome futuristic innovations from our favorite company. The time isn’t here quite yet for the technology mentioned, but when it is commercially available to the general public, then we’ll all know more about it!

In conclusion, Carrier’s Abound™ Net Management Solution will someday be a game-changer for those hot Michigan summers. You can’t go wrong with its energy-efficient cooling, seamless installation into existing systems, remote control capabilities, and a focus on indoor air quality.

In the meantime, both Sun Heating & Cooling and Carrier will keep on being at the forefront of heating and cooling technology!

If you need any help from Sun, contact us today to schedule service or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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