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Purr-fect HVAC Tips for Pet Owners!

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Seeing this title, you may be wondering, why would I need to do anything different with my HVAC system just because I’m a pet owner?

We give you not one, but three answers: dander, hair, and fur! But it isn’t just this filter-clogging, allergy-causing trifecta we’re worried about, either. It’s also true that, just like having pets can imperil your HVAC system … your HVAC system can also be dangerous to your pets!

Exposed Wires

Yes, loose/exposed wires, whether they’re inside your home or it’s a grounding wire on the exterior of your home, can be a danger to kids or pets.

This is even more true with pets, because it doesn’t have to be an exposed wire … just any wire that a pet can chew through and potentially electrocute themselves on!

Even if you think an exposed wire somewhere in your home isn’t live, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get electrical issues fixed ASAP, but also, make sure all wires are enclosed in a metal conduit.

Last but not least, it might not just be exposed wires that your pets mess with. Outdoor pets could use your A/C unit and its condenser coils as a chew toy, or even urinate on the system! It’s unlikely that this could cause a problem in the short-term, but urine causes corrosion over time. So keep an eye on your pets when they’re outside.


The general advice is to change your air filter every two or three months, but when you have a cat or dog, it’s automatically necessitates a two-month minimum! If you have more than one pet, you should definitely be replacing your air filters every month.

You should be doing this not only to improve your air quality, but also because it’s the only way to keep your ventilation system going. If you let dust and dander build up, eventually, that could result in a bill of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends changing your filter at least once every three months, as well as paying even more attention during the summer and winter, when your A/C or furnace are getting the most use! And that’s even before taking  pets into consideration.

Pet dander is one thing, but when pet hair gets stuck in your air filter, this is even more likely to contribute to a shortened lifespan for an HVAC system … and reduced air quality for you!

Air Purification System

Our point about air filters means that you should also do this for your HVAC system as a pet owner: invest in indoor air quality solutions.

Indoor air quality systems can remove 99.9% of all particles in the air, including pet dander. And you might actually be allergic to dander without realizing! Are you sneezing? Itching? Do you have watery eyes? It’s hard to tell whether these allergies are caused by outdoor particles coming in, or from indoor contaminants.

Good news: either way, indoor air quality systems help!

We offer germicidal lights here at H.A. Sun, and while these mostly get rid of germs rather than pet dander (as the name implies), studies show that these lights are still somewhat effective against pet dander, algae, dust mites, and other airborne particles, and also help with eliminating odors.

Overall, there’s a lot more to consider when buying a pet (or two, or three) than food, a leash, and vet visits! There are also problems that your pets pose for your HVAC system, and problems that your HVAC system poses for your pets.

But we still love our furry friends and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, so it’s better just to be prepared with these HVAC tips for pet owners. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us anytime at (248) 986-1506 or contact us online.

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