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SAVE BIG with HVAC Tax Credits!


Federal HVAC tax credits have been renewed for 2021! So let’s cut right to the chase: do YOU and your HVAC system qualify?

Yearly HVAC tax credits

It’s true that these tax credits have been around a while – since 2006, in fact! But you still CAN’T rely on them to exist and to be renewed year after year. So, we really recommend getting your money back with these HVAC tax credits while you can, because you never know if the program might be discontinued!

How to get these tax credits

The way that you get these tax credits is by filling out Form 5695. We know, another form for your tax returns is not something you want to hear about! But this time, you’re getting money back! (Disclaimer: When it comes to instructions for filling out the form, or any other tax-related questions, please consult a tax professional.)

How much $$$ you can expect

OK, we know this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for: finding out exactly HOW big of a tax credit can you expect? It depends on the HVAC equipment purchased / the home improvements made. So, without further ado:

  • Air conditioner: UP TO $300

How to qualify: If you have a split system, the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) needs to be greater than or equal to 16. If you have a regular package system, the SEER nees to be greater than or equal to 14. (Again, if you are uncertain about this information, you can either find it on the product sticker, or you can always contact H.A. Sun!)

  • Gas furnaces: UP TO $150

How to qualify: 95% or higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). “95%” means the system converts 95% of total gas fuel into usable heat energy.

  • Water heater: UP TO $300

How to qualify: System UEF (Uniform Energy Factor) greater than or equal to 0.82. This is a complex measurement that takes many factors into account when judging the efficiency of your system, but is mainly based on the number of gallons of hot water generated in an hour.


A water heater with 90% thermal efficiency. Either of these requirements are sufficient!

Save even MORE money!

We’re excited for you to potentially get these tax credits and save some money. But there are a couple of ways to save even more! Way #1 is to head over to, and when you click that link you’ll see even more 2021 tax credits you could possibly qualify for, relating to other home improvements and environmentally friendly purchases!

Way #2 to save money is by checking out our DEALS, and generally choosing H.A. Sun as your HVAC service provider in the Bloomfield Hills area. We are as committed to low prices as we are to great and thorough service.

To find out for yourself, contact us online or call (248) 986-1506!

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