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Simple Tips to Help You Save Energy and Money on Heating!

Save money and energy this winter

As energy costs continue to rise, it pays to be mindful of how much energy you’re using – both in terms of your comfort and your wallet.

Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks you can use to make sure you’re using energy efficiently, while still getting the comfort you need. In this blog post, we’ll look at ways to save energy and money by making more efficient use of your furnace, as well as other energy-saving tips.

1. Get your furnace serviced regularly

One of the most effective ways to ensure your furnace system is running as efficiently as possible is to get it serviced regularly. This includes changing filters, cleaning coils, and making sure all components are functioning properly. This can help extend the life of your system, as well as prevent it from using more energy than necessary.  Don’t hesitate to contact Sun for an annual furnace tune-up.  Our expert technicians are trained to perform a complete tune-up and safety inspection for your peace of mind and the overall “health” of your system.

2. Install a programmable or smart thermostat

Another great way to save energy and money is to install a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set your thermostat to be cooler at night when you’re sleeping, and warmer during the day when you’re awake. You can also install a smart thermostat, which can be controlled remotely and can even learn your habits to adjust temperature settings accordingly to help you save even more energy!

3. Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can be a great way to save energy and money on heating and cooling. They work by circulating air around the room, which can help make the room feel warmer or cooler, depending on the direction of the fan. When it’s cold outside, make sure to reverse your fans so they’re spinning clockwise and pushing warm air down from the ceiling.

4. Replace your windows

Replacing your windows can also help reduce energy costs. Older, single-pane windows can let a lot of heat escape during the colder months, requiring your furnace to work harder to keep your home warm. Installing double-pane windows can help keep the heat in, reducing your energy costs.

5. Seal gaps and cracks

Gaps and cracks around windows and doors can also let in drafts, making it harder for your furnace to keep your home comfortable. You can help reduce this by sealing any gaps or cracks with caulking or weatherstripping. This can also help keep pests out!

Bonus, 6. Wear warm clothes

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best! Wearing warmer clothes can help keep you comfortable, without having to turn up the heat. Try wearing layers and using a blanket when watching TV or reading in bed. However, having a highly-efficient heating system with features like variable speed, which operates by automatically adjusting the fan speed, can help provide consistent comfort and save you money in the long run.

With these simple tips, you can save energy and money on heating costs all year round. From getting your furnace serviced regularly to installing a programmable thermostat, there are lots of ways you can start reducing your energy consumption today. So, take action and start saving! If you have any questions, the experts at Sun Heating & Cooling are ready to help you! (248) 986-1506

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