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Art is in The Eye of the HVAC Owner – Even Your Air Conditioner?

Many furnace, air conditioner, and thermostat designs are considered works of art to HVAC folks and manufacturers. To most of us, however, it’s best that they reside in our homes, out of sight. However, there is that outdoor air conditioner condenser unit with the giant fan. That is a different story. It’s big and it sticks out like a sore thumb near the side or back of your home.

Does Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Need Attention?

Did your heating system finally call it quits just as Spring/Summer hit? Or if your furnace was not operating at 100%, by now…you may have noticed that your air conditioning isn’t up to speed either. It depends on the type of HVAC “system” you have. It may be that you require a whole new system. It’s time to find out!

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