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The TRUE Value of an A/C Tune-Up


You have a general idea of why you need an A/C tune-up, but do you truly know what could go wrong without one?

The true value of an A/C tune-up is often underrated. Why? Because people think that nothing much happens when a tech tunes up your system. Or, they think that their system will get by just fine without one. None of this is true, but today we want to explain what we really do on an A/C tune-up, and how it prevents system breakdowns!

1. Refrigerant

One of the main things that can go wrong on your unit is refrigerant line damage, lack of insulation, or other refrigerant problems. If your refrigerant line is hit with any impact for any reason, it can spring a leak. Soon, you won’t have any A/C! Similarly, if the line isn’t properly insulated to begin with, then condensation can build on it. While that doesn’t matter outside (outside, it can drip to its heart’s content!), condensation dripping from the line inside your home causes mold!

Another common problem that causes refrigerant leaks is a loose core valve, or caps missing from the core valve. We look at all of this, in addition to checking your exact refrigerant levels, to make sure there is no leak. Now you can be confident your system is going to keep cooling efficiently.

2. Examining the unit

You might be thinking, “I can examine my A/C unit myself!” But there are so many things that you can’t tell just by eyeballing the unit, and so many more things that only a trained technician will be able to spot. For example, if the fan motor ever stops suddenly, then the fan blades can tilt, and damage other components. That’s one thing we check. Also, we take a look at the A/C coils, the contactor, and the indoor components. We check your air handler for leaks and check the indoor blower fan to make sure it’s clean and working properly. We truly do inspect every component!

3. Electrical and other measures

Last but not least, we check the motor capacitors (all three of them) in your system. This is a common reason that an A/C fails and someone calls us for service. We check the disconnect box to make sure that, in case of emergency, the electricity will be properly cut off from the A/C system. We measure the system amperage to ensure that all components of your A/C are working normally and not overworking, drawing excessive amperage. Electrical parts are nothing to mess around with, from the contactor to the capacitor. And because this is such a common reason for needing service, we are very careful about checking it as a preventive measure!

Our A/C tune-ups involve 20+ checks. We do far more than just giving your system a quick once-over. We examine all components and the relationship between them, to ensure there is nothing that could cause an issue in the future.

We can’t speak for all companies, but H.A. Sun A/C tune-ups truly are valuable! And right now, they’re just $89! To schedule your tune-up, contact us online or call (248) 986-1506.

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