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This Halloween Season, Is Your Furnace on the Side of Good or Evil?


Halloween is synonymous with fright, but is your family’s home heating system trembling with terror right now?

If so, you should act immediately to avoid the chance of another visit from the furnace demons. Don’t let them rampage through your living room this year! Here are H.A. Sun’s tips to ensure your heating system is on the side of good, not evil …

Seal your ducts

First off, you should know that evil-sounding furnace noises, or a wickedly-high heating bill, might not be the fault of your furnace itself. Instead, it could be cracks and leaks in your ductwork allowing the furnace demons in, by which we mean cracks and leaks let air through. Leaking reduces system efficiency, causing your furnace to work harder than it should, and it also can cause more banging and popping noises coming from the ducts. No good!

So, seal those leaky ducts! You can do this yourself with some bare sheet metal and a roll of duct tape (the kind for sealing ducts, not general-purpose camouflaged tape). However, it might be better to call one of our techs ((248) 986-1506) to see what we recommend and who will do the job correctly.

Check your thermostat

Have you concluded your furnace must be evil due to high heating bills? Don’t believe your furnace is irredeemable just yet! The problem could be with your thermostat instead. First, get a reading of your home’s temperature from an ambient/digital thermometer to ensure that your thermostat is correct. If it’s not, that could be the issue causing an outrageous heating bill. To fix the problem, remove the thermostat’s cover and clean the inside with a cloth – using a piece of paper to get into the razor-thin spaces inside the thermostat. This type of cleaning could allow your thermostat to properly calibrate itself and stop being the cause of a crazy heating bill. If this doesn’t help, there is likely a problem with the mercury vial or the thermostat’s wiring, and that’s when you need to give H.A. Sun a call.

Get a furnace tune-up

Before you give up on your heating system and let it go to the dark side, schedule a furnace tune-up or repair from H.A. Sun. We can help ensure your furnace runs well for many more chilly seasons to come! Just for starters, we will thoroughly check the heat exchanger, blower, motor, and other common problem parts for cracks/wear.

Our attention to detail will ensure your system is efficient and lasts longer. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, efficiency goes up by 20%[1] after a furnace tune-up! That is a mighty increase in furnace power and performance.

To keep your furnace on the side of good and prevent the influence of “evil furnace demons” in your Oakland County home, give us a call! Our technicians aren’t scared of anything! Schedule an appointment online or call H.A. Sun: (248) 986-1506

[1] DoE Technical Reports

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