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When to Fix or Ditch Your Furnace!

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Hey there homeowners! Sun Heating and Cooling here, with some tips on deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace this winter.

We know, we know, thinking about your furnace isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. But trust us, you’ll be glad you took a minute to read this if your furnace starts acting up down the road.


The first thing to look out for is frequent shutdowns or failures to start. If your furnace is shutting off repeatedly or just not kicking on some days, that’s a red flag that something is wrong. It could be a quick fix, like replacing the thermocouple or flame sensor, or it could point to a bigger issue, like a cracked heat exchanger. If you’re handy, simple repairs can be DIY, but have us check it out if it’s more complex.

Weird sounds and smells

Next, listen for odd noises or smells coming from the furnace. Clanking, grinding, and buzzing could all be signs of a motor or blower issue. Strange smells like gas, burning dust, or oil point to bigger problems you’ll want a pro from Sun to diagnose. Don’t ignore these warning signs; they likely won’t go away on their own.

High bills

Pay attention to your energy bills, too. Drastic spikes in your gas or electric use are a clue your furnace isn’t running efficiently. It is best to get inspected to find the root cause!

Does it SEEM like it is time for a replacement?

Finally, factor in the age and condition of your furnace. Units typically last 15 years, sometimes longer, with proper maintenance. But after years of wear and tear, things like heat exchangers, burners, and blowers degrade. Once a furnace nears or passes that 15-year mark, repairs become less reliable, and you’ll likely need a full replacement.

The good news is a new high-efficiency furnace can pay for itself in the long run through lower energy bills. And modern units are safer and more climate-friendly, too.

We hope this gives you a helpful starting point on deciding whether to replace or repair your furnace. Making big home upgrades isn’t always easy or cheap, but ensuring your home’s warmth and safety is priceless. Give our team a call if you need a second opinion! We’re happy to take a look and provide an honest assessment of your furnace’s health. Stay cozy this winter!

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