5 Ways to Be More Comfortable This Fall and Winter

1. Seal potential heat leaks
The precious heat you want to keep in your home will seek out any spot where it can escape to the outdoors. To prevent this, caulk your windows and place weather stripping around your outside doors. Make sure you have quality insulation in your attic, since this is a prime spot for heat loss. When not using your fireplace, keep the damper closed to seal the chimney.
2. Maintain your filters
If you have a furnace, make sure it works at its best. Change out the furnace filter before the cold weather starts, and then swap it out once a month during the rest of the cool seasons. A clogged filter will mean less efficient heating power as well as lower air quality.
3. Install a digital thermostat
If you still have a manual thermostat with sliders, you won’t have precise control over your indoor temperature. A digital model will give you more accurate temperature control to keep you comfortable. Even better, a programmable thermostat can turn the heat on for you before you wake up, so you won’t have to slide out from the sheets into a cold front each morning.
4. Take advantage of the sun
Some of the coldest days are the clearest and sunniest, when no clouds trap warmth. Use the sun to your advantage: open up the blinds and curtains in your home to get more radiant heat. Just make sure to close them up after sundown.
5. Schedule preventive maintenance
If your heating system malfunctions and shuts down during a cold fall or winter day, you are guaranteed to feel very uncomfortable. Getting a professional to provide a check-up and tune-up for your heater will help prevent unfortunate surprises during a time when most HVAC repair technicians have busy schedules. Call H. A. Sun Heating & Cooling at 248-335-4555 today to get your free quote.

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