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5 HVAC Myths Debunked

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A properly running HVAC system is a top priority for mosthomeowners and business owners. But there are still misconceptions andmisunderstandings on how to best ensure your system is in top shape.

Similar to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, thefollowing five myths have caused confusion for many years.

1. Moving the thermostat all the way up or down will raise and lower the temperature faster.

Not true! A thermostat does notwork harder or faster if you raise or lower it, just as an elevator will not moveany quicker if you push the button over and over.

2. A thermostat’s location does not affect heating and cooling.

Wrong! Thermostats read thetemperature of the area immediately around it. If a thermostat is too close toa heat source like a window or fireplace, then it may provide an inaccurateread of the room.

3.Routine maintenance is not necessary.

Untrue! You wouldn’t drive your car forthousands of miles without changing the oil, so why would you treat your homesystem any differently. HVAC units need to be maintained on a regular basis toensure they are running efficiently.

4. Service agreements are a waste of money.

False! Large system malfunctions can beavoided with proper maintenance. A preventative maintenance agreement with anexpert HVAC company like H.A. Sun is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

5. The bigger the air conditioner, the better it will cool my house.

Nope! A larger HVAC system does notmean better comfort. It’s important to have a properly sized system otherwiseyour system will cycle on and off and create high humidity in your home. Asystem that is too small will run for longer than necessary and drive up yourenergy bill.

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