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Springing into a New System

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Out with the old and in with the new. Maybe it’s the sunshining a little warmer that ignites the Spring mentality that drives us toclean out our garages, closets, and the back of our cabinets.

If you’re worried that your HVAC system is on the way out,consider the benefits of replacing your aged unit.

Lower Utility Bill

Many older furnaces operate at a lower efficiency than newsystems. When you update your system, it puts money in your pocket because ittakes less to heat your home.

Improved SystemPerformance

Newer technology allows for more consistent temperaturesacross your home. Once your system is replaced, you will notice a differencebetween the power of your new and old system.

Less Noise

Older models make pops and rattles with age. Today’s newtechnology has sound absorbing materials that ensure a nice, quiet temperaturein your home.

Fewer Repairs

Your old system will break down more often due to years ofuse. With your new system, your parts will be under warranty for at least acouple of years.

If you’re considering updating your system or need to schedule a tune-up for Spring, give H. A. Sun a call (248) 986-1506. Our skilled technicians can check the health of your home and make sure you are ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures.

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