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5 Reasons to Love Your Heating and Cooling System


We all love our heating and cooling systems! This blog is an appreciation post – a love letter to all furnaces and air conditioners.

1. You provide us with comfort 365 days a year

Without heating and cooling systems, offices, homes, shopping malls, and other commercial spaces would be freezing cold in the winter, and unbearably hot in the summer. We need you all year round to keep us comfortable no matter if it is -20°F or 110°F. All of which are possible here in the Oakland County area!

2. You are always there for us

Heating and cooling systems are ready at the flip of a switch whenever we need them. We may have a few months of the year, like April or October, where we’re not sure you need to be running any system. If only the temperature could be like that year-round, we’d save a lot of money! But, if we do decide to turn on the heat or the A/C for the year, it comes on within 15-20 minutes, and isn’t an hours-long process like it was in the olden days (chopping down wood for a fire, getting ice blocks ferried in from the local frozen lake).

3. You look after your health

It’s easy to take it for granted sometimes, but Mr. Furnace, you really are doing a wonderful job taking care of yourself and staying in tip-top shape all year round. No matter how many times we forget to change the air filter (which we shouldn’t), crank up the heat or the A/C after a long day out of the house, or fail to get you tuned up once – you keep going. We should all be as resilient as you! Of course, if the owner keeps failing to have routine maintenance done, a problem with one of the many complex components is bound to happen.

4. You keep us from smelling bad

If our furnace or A/C isn’t good at regulating our home’s temperature, things can get sweaty fast. But if the thermostat is properly calibrated, isn’t covered in dust (which messes with the sensor), and has been installed in the right location, our home’s temperature should be pretty consistent. That means we won’t be covered in a pool of sweat! Furnace, A/C, thank you – you keep us from smelling like a gym locker all year long!

5. You work hard for us, and we thank you

Furnaces and A/Cs are both complicated systems. While they are completely different, with one relying on a heat exchanger and a blower motor, and the other relying on a condenser unit and an evaporator unit, they are both such complex systems. It’s truly amazing how well you take care of us, while we keep you out of sight and out of mind. We should really do a better job appreciating all that you do for us. You deserve it!

However, even though we love our systems, things aren’t perfect 100% of the time. If there are any issues, let the pros at Sun Heating and Cooling know. Contact us online or call now: (248) 986-1506

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