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5 Ways to Make Your HVAC System THANK You!


Thanksgiving season is a time to be grateful for friends, family, and everything you have … does that also include your HVAC system?

We know everyone is thankful to have a comfortable home, but we don’t always treat our HVAC system well. Sometimes we downright take it for granted! So in honor of Thanksgiving, here are five ways to make your HVAC system thank you!

1. Change your air filter.

Please know that as cold as it’s getting here in Bloomfield Hills, and since it’s only going to get colder … a dirty air filter can cause lots of problems. This is because your air filter works overtime in winter to make sure hot air circulates throughout your home. The harder your HVAC system works in the cold, the more dust and debris gets in your air filter. You may need to change your air filter every month! If you don’t, your system will be taxed even more trying to push hot air through a clogged air filter. This may make it less efficient at heating your home, or your furnace may even stop working altogether. If you change your air filter, your furnace will thank you!

2. Learn about your system.

There are a few things every homeowner should know about their HVAC system. Such as, your system’s age, efficiency rating, warranty information, and its maintenance history, especially if you can look at past inspections from previous homeowners. And don’t worry: if your system hasn’t always been maintained well in the past by other contractors, you can get a quick checkup from the technicians at H.A. Sun!

3. Give your system some TLC.

It’s important to take good care of your HVAC system — it will thank you! You can do this not only by changing your air filter regularly, but also ensuring that ice isn’t building up on your outdoor A/C unit. You may think of this as a summer problem, because if there is ice on your A/C unit in summer, the ice is coming from the unit itself. But even though ice on your unit in winter is natural, you still don’t want huge ice sheets on your unit for long periods of time, possibly causing damage.

4. Keep your heart open … and your vents too.

Some people will try to save money on their heating bills in the winter by closing the vents in an unused room. Did you know this actually isn’t a way to save money, but a way to make your HVAC system overworked, instead? When your furnace was installed, the installers made sure it’s was the exact right size, model etc. to heat every room of your home. Closing the vents disrupts what your system is naturally trying to do, and it can even cause leaks in your air ducts. Overall, just not a good idea!

5. Call H.A. Sun for maintenance.

We’re thankful to be able to help our customers spot minor issues so they don’t become major. So, why not get service from us now, before the real Bloomfield Hills winter weather hits? Schedule service online or call us at (248) 986-1506!

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