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How to Fix Your Furnace in Every Scenario!


If you have furnace problems, we have solutions! Whether the problem is something you can fix yourself, or something we need to help you with, here’s the ultimate guide to fixing faulty furnaces!

Make sure it’s not something silly

We all make mistakes … That’s just life! So it’s completely understandable that someone might be perplexed when their furnace isn’t working, only to realize that they didn’t actually turn their heat on the way they thought they did! Before entering the next stage of your troubleshooting, just go to your thermostat and make sure that the heat is actually turned on! That’s the HVAC version of, “Are you sure your computer is plugged in …?”

Then, the other silly problem preventing a furnace from working properly might be that the furnace filter is old, dirty and clogged. Not only does that mean the air getting into your home is dirty and polluted, but also that your furnace could be underperforming or even break down completely! For example, a dirty air filter prevents air from getting to the igniter, preventing it from working. So, make sure you’ve got a clean filter before taking the next step …

Furnace door

One surprisingly common problem that leads to a furnace not turning on is the safety switch on the door signaling that the door is OPEN. This prevents the furnace from turning on. Safety first, but a faulty switch making the system think the door is open is the most annoying thing! You can investigate the furnace door to see whether it looks like the safety switch has popped out, but this is a situation where you’ll probably want to call us for assistance.

Dirty or broken components

Other furnace problems we see a lot:

  • Dirty or rusted burner
  • Broken fan motor
  • Broken ignitor
  • Broken blower
  • Gas supply leak

Out of all of those problems … none of them are diagnosable or fixable by the average person! We know we promised this would be a comprehensive guide to fixing your furnace issues, but in most cases, the answer is, “Call a trusted and professional HVAC tech from H.A. Sun!”

Open your ears

Often the first step of fixing a furnace is understanding what you’re hearing. For example, a constant rumbling noise usually means that a component is dirty, which, combined with the heat, produces a low rumbling. Whereas, as you might already expect, a loud booming noise is more harmful! Because it means that the igniter is delayed, and so gas builds up in the chamber and explodes. Yes, that’s as dangerous as it sounds!

While most people aren’t equipped to fix furnace issues on their own, we hope that we helped you cover some of the basics. Beyond that, give us a call at (248) 986-1506 or contact us online. We’re happy to help those in the Bloomfield Hills area and beyond … providing professional furnace repair service in just hours!

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