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6 Ways You Can Cool Down Your Sunroom

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Sunrooms are known for bringing the joys of the outdoors into your home – just without the disadvantages of insects and harsh weather…

And they’re perfect for everything from entertaining guests to having a relaxing day on your own!

But just because your sunroom offers protection from adverse weather conditions, doesn’t mean it won’t heat up during the summer months. This can get pretty uncomfortable and dampen your experience.

So here are six ways you can cool down your sunroom when it gets way too hot.

Increase airflow with a ceiling fan

Turning on your ceiling fan is an inexpensive and effective way to get air moving in your sunroom. It is best used in conjunction with an open window. That way, fresh air can be circulated around the room while hot air gets pushed outside. If you don’t have a ceiling fan already installed, standing fans are a great alternative to look into. This is because they’re easy to set up and get the job done all the same.

Shut your window blinds

Windows blinds are very important when it comes to keeping your sunroom nice and cool. Closing them when the room isn’t being used can help shut out sunlight. This keeps the room dark and stops heat from building up before your next visit.

Invest in tinted windows

Tinted windows are great for keeping heat out because they reduce the amount of sunlight that can get into the room. The tint will not only keep your sunroom cooler overall, but it will also give you an extra layer of privacy. You’ll be able to see outside the window, but people outside won’t be able to look in.

Look into insulation

Insulating your sunroom may be able to help it maintain a constant temperature. And this isn’t only applicable to keeping the room warm. After getting the sunroom to your desired temperature, insulation will trap the air inside. This makes it much harder for cool air to escape and for warm air to get in. Remember, only properly installed insulation can give you these benefits. So, you might want to get a professional involved to make sure it gets done right.

Invest in a mini-A/C

If your house-wide A/C system doesn’t also cool your sunroom, then a standalone alternative may be the way to go. Mini A/Cs are generally cost-effective and don’t require much know-how to get set up. And while it isn’t as effective as a full A/C system, a portable mini A/C could be enough to keep your sunroom cool and comfortable.

Extend your air conditioning

But if you want your home’s A/C to extend to your sunroom, and it doesn’t already, that’s an option too! A mini-split system is a great way to add cooling (and heating) to a space without ductwork. If you’re looking for ways to keep your sunroom comfortable all year round, mini-split systems are definitely worth considering!

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