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Can a Ceiling Fan Be Helpful in the Summer?

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We know, it’s hot out there. The last thing you want to do is try a solution like running your ceiling fan, only to be disappointed by the underwhelming results …

But here’s how to make your ceiling fan into the most helpful, breezy, and refreshing ally during these hot months.

  • Pick the right size: A 36″ – 44″ ceiling fan is ideal for small rooms (up to 225 square feet), while a 52″ – 60″ ceiling fan is better for medium to large rooms (up to 400 square feet). The larger the room, the more air movement you’ll need to feel a difference.
  • Pick the right blades: Look for ceiling fan blades with a pitch of 14° or higher. The blade pitch is the angle of the blade from horizontal, and a higher pitch will produce more airflow. You’ll also want to make sure the blades are moving in the correct direction. For summer, you want the blades to rotate counterclockwise, so they push cool air down into the room. (And just as a relevant tip, for the winter, you’d want the blades to rotate clockwise, so they pull warm air around the room.)
  • Install a ceiling fan properly: This is key! A poorly installed ceiling fan can actually make your room feel hotter. Make sure the blades are at least 18″ from the walls and 8-10′ from the floor for optimal results.
  • But keep in mind: This burst of cool air isn’t actually “cooler than” the coolest air in the room, did you know that? So how does it make you feel so cool? As the blades of the ceiling fan rotate, they create a wind chill effect, and that’s the part that makes you feel cooler! What is the wind chill effect? It’s when you’re sweating, and a breeze against the skin causes that moisture to evaporate, which makes you feel cooler. (Have you ever been out in the cold and felt a little chilly, but once you started moving, you actually got warmer? That’s because of the wind chill effect!)

So, if you’re looking for a little extra relief this summer, try out a ceiling fan! Just make sure you pick the right size, the right blades, and install it properly for best results. However, if you’re still not getting the relief in your home that you need, your A/C might be underperforming. Have questions about the state of your A/C in your Oakland County home? Justcontact us onlineor call us: (248) 986-1506.

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