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Cooling Fixes for Multilevel Homes

Homes all across America experience uneven heating andcooling problems. This issue is more prominent in multilevel homes. When you invest in an expensive central heating and cooling system, you expect it to do its job. However, a variety of factors can keep it from being efficient. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to avoid and solve this problem.

Use Your Air Ventsto Control and Redirect Air

Look around your home to see if you have any blocked ordirty vents. Your vents and registers can contribute to uneven cooling if they’re blocked by furniture or other obstacles. This can also happen if dust and debris accumulate on them. An easy solution is to vacuum them with an attachment to loosen and remove the debris.

You can also redirect air to certain areas by partially (but not fully) closing some vents on the first floor. This way, more air will redirect to the second floor and beyond. This will help alleviate pressure buildup in the system that would be caused if you were to fully close first floor vents.  

Have Your AirDucts Checked for Air Leaks

When there’s an air leak present within your duct system, the air meant for a specific destination bleeds off before it can arrive. These leaks, holes, and tears in your ducts will definitely make your central air system work harder to compensate for the missing air. That, in turn, can lead to even more problems. Have a professional inspect your ducts if you suspect that leaks are contributing to uneven cooling around your home. 

Control DifferentAreas with a Zoning System

While a zoning system is a big investment, it can be one of the most efficient ways to deal with uneven cooling. These systems allow you to directly control the temperature in individual areas or floors compared to having one thermostat control cooling in the whole house.

There are many configurations a professional HVACcontractor can use to set up customized zones in your home. The number of zones recommended will depend on your current heating and cooling situation and the type, size, and layout of your home. In general, a zoned system is probably the best option for those who want absolute control over their home’s cooling during summer months.

Some of these solutions are easy for you (the homeowner) to do, while other tasks are much more involved and require professional help. If you are experiencing any issues with your HVAC system and live in Oakland County, please give us a call us at (248) 986-1506 or schedule an appointment online today!

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