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Set Your Home to Vacation Mode

You’re probably seeing friends, family, and neighbors posting photos of their summer vacations on social media; it’s just that time of the year! But don’t get bummed if you can’t go on vacation just yet; we want to help turn your home into your own slice of paradise!

Add some greenery

Decorate your rooms with plants, bring the outside…inside. Houseplants are good for decoration, and they provide health benefits as well. Plants purify the air and make our environment green!

Natural materials

Natural materials can help make your home look and feel cozy and natural. You can incorporate furniture made of wood, such as rattan, bamboo, bark, and leaves (palm and banana) into your home decor, just to mention few. The only thing missing would be a tropical drink in your hand!

Add a hammock

Create your own little paradise by hanging a hammock inside your home. For days when the weather is bad, but you want to stay in your little relaxation swing, place the hammock in your room surrounded by plants and succulents. 

Scenic art

We don’t all have the pleasure of living on or even close to the beach. However, the addition of a few choices framed pieces of art or photos of your favorite ocean beach locations can! A beach print will instantly add a calm and relaxing presence to your home (especially if you live amidst the loud sounds of the city).

We can’t bring the beach to you, but we can make sure that your HVAC system runs smoothly all summer long! If you live in Oakland County, please give us a call us at (248) 986-1506 or schedule an appointment online today!

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