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Deck the Halls Without Chilling Your Furnace

Deck the Halls Without Chilling Your Furnace

The holiday season is in full swing! But all that holiday hustle and bustle can take a toll on your home’s heating system.

So, follow these tips to keep your system running smoothly all season long:

1. Prep your furnace. Changing filters, inspecting ducts, and scheduling a professional tune-up is key to avoiding breakdowns.

Studies show that neglected heating systems are three times more likely to stop working when you need them most. And we all know how cold – and chaotic – a home feels without heat during the holidays. Prevent strains by sealing air leaks and keeping registers and vents clear of decorations or furniture blocking airflow.

2. Mind your thermostat. It can be smart to turn down the thermostat at night when everyone goes to bed – it’s a great way to save money! But remember, if you’re one of those people who turns the thermostat down when asleep or away, and then later cranks it up to 100 (literally?) to get a warm house “faster,” that doesn’t work! Regardless of how much you tell the temperature to increase, it won’t warm your home any faster.

3. Speaking of temperature, balance guest comfort with energy savings when hosting holiday gatherings. Though tempting to dial up the heat for chilly out-of-towners, a few degrees cooler paired with cozy sweaters saves energy. Remind guests to shut doors behind them and keep entryways draft-free.

4. For homes equipped with heat pumps, properly maintain outdoor units too. Clear leaves or snow buildup from exterior condensers and keep them free of holiday decorations that block airflow. A covered or obstructed unit risks freezing up when you need it most.

5. Finally, remember routine maintenance doesn’t go on hiatus for hectic holidays. Changing filters on schedule keeps air flowing freely through your home. Leaving town? Ask a trusted friend to check on your home while you’re away. The greatest gift is returning home to a comfortable, working heating and cooling system!

Follow these furnace tips and your system will purr along flawlessly this holiday season. Then you can fully focus on what matters most – making merry memories with loved ones.

Need a professional assessment to get your system holiday-ready? Give us a call! Our techs are the nicest around. Contact us today to learn more, or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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