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How to Breathe Easy in the New Year!

Breathe easy in the new year

A new year is here, and it’s time to breathe new life into our daily routines – literally! This year, make a commitment to not only improve yourself but also the quality of your indoor air.

Just as you’d step into a new fitness regimen, step up your home’s air quality game. Make 2024 the year you breathe easy, knowing every breath in your home is crisper, cleaner, and more refreshing than the last. Let’s raise a glass to pure air, clear lungs, and serene homes as we usher in a year of well-being from the outside in!

1. Keep it clean: dusting and vacuuming

Let’s start with an uninvited guest that’s always overstaying its welcome – dust. Regular dusting and vacuuming are crucial in every home. These mundane tasks are the truly important part of the battle for clean air. By keeping surfaces and floors free of dust, you’re making sure your lungs aren’t doing the heavy lifting.

2. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

Ventilation is like the breath of fresh air your home desperately needs. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or just doing the everyday hustle and bustle, homes need good air circulation while you’re doing it. Using exhaust fans or cracking a window helps to dispel odors and refresh your living space, especially if the activity is kicking up dust or other contaminants!

3. Whole-home air purifiers

Now, let’s talk about the true champions of indoor air quality – whole-home air purifiers. These devices work to purify the air in your entire home. Imagine a vacuum cleaner that targets the air itself – pretty neat, right?

More specifically … introducing the iWave

We wanted to make this one into a brand-new point because it’s just so important! Enter the iWave, a little device with big ambitions. It’s a powerhouse in air purification, tackling dust, smoke, odors, and even certain viruses and bacteria. The best part? These tiny culprits are invisible to the naked eye, but not to the iWave. It’s like having a microscopic superhero guarding your home!

4. Cost-effective and low maintenance

And here’s the real deal: many air purifiers come with the headache of constant maintenance. But the iWave and its NuShield Air Ionization Systems “break the mold” (ha!) with their effective air cleaning methods that require minimal upkeep. It’s like having a reliable friend that doesn’t demand much.

With consistent cleaning, proper ventilation, and the help of a whole home air purifier like the iWave, you can keep your living space not just livable, but breathable and healthy. Here’s to a new year with healthy, clean air!

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