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Don’t Ignore These Red Flags With Your Air Conditioner!

Do not ignore red flags

We’re here to tell you some of the top red flags that your AC might be shouting for your attention!

As we gear up for another sizzling summer season, ensuring your AC is in top shape is crucial. So, let’s talk about the key signs that your unit is full of “red flags.”

1. Lukewarm air

If your AC is blowing out air that’s as lukewarm as last week’s leftover pizza, something’s off. It could be a lack of refrigerant, a clogged filter, or a failing compressor. Either way, your AC is trying to tell you it’s not feeling too hot – well, actually, it’s feeling too hot!

2. It sounds like it’s auditioning for a drum line

If you’re hearing strange sounds – grinding, squealing, or banging – it’s a clear sign something is wrong. Parts could be loose or need lubrication. Don’t let your AC be that noisy neighbor – get it checked out!

3. Unpleasant odors

Walking into your house, or hanging out in your backyard, shouldn’t result in smelly or stale air. If your AC is spreading odors, you may have mold in your system, or your wire insulation could be burned out.

4. Sky-high bills

If your energy bills are soaring higher than Michigan’s peak summer temperatures, your AC unit might be working harder than it should. This could mean it’s not running efficiently due to age, a need for maintenance, or more severe issues.

5. Hot and cold spots

Are you experiencing all sorts of hot and cold spots around your house? It could be a sign of poor airflow, leaking ducts, or an AC unit that’s not the right size for your home.

Now, these signs don’t mean you need to panic about summer without your trusty AC. But they are a call to action to get your air conditioning system inspected and repaired. Here at Sun, we’ve got your back. Our experienced technicians can help diagnose and fix your AC problems before they become big issues. So, don’t ignore the red flags ­­– contact us today or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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