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Don’t Ignore These Red Flags With Your Air Conditioner!

Do not ignore red flags

We’re here to tell you some of the top red flags that your A/C might be shouting for your attention!

As we gear up for another sizzling summer season, ensuring your A/C is in top shape is crucial. So, let’s talk about the key signs that your unit is full of “red flags.”

1. Lukewarm air

If your A/C is blowing out air that’s as lukewarm as last week’s leftover pizza, something’s off. It could be a lack of refrigerant, a clogged filter, or a failing compressor. Either way, your A/C is trying to tell you it’s not feeling too hot – well, actually, it’s feeling too hot!

2. It sounds like it’s auditioning for a drum line

If you’re hearing strange sounds – grinding, squealing, or banging – it’s a clear sign something is wrong. Parts could be loose or need lubrication. Don’t let your A/C be that noisy neighbor – get it checked out!

3. Unpleasant odors

Walking into your house, or hanging out in your backyard, shouldn’t result in smelly or stale air. If your A/C is spreading odors, you may have mold in your system, or your wire insulation could be burned out.

4. Sky-high bills

If your energy bills are soaring higher than Michigan’s peak summer temperatures, your A/C unit might be working harder than it should. This could mean it’s not running efficiently due to age, a need for maintenance, or more severe issues.

5. Hot and cold spots

Are you experiencing all sorts of hot and cold spots around your house? It could be a sign of poor airflow, leaking ducts, or an A/C unit that’s not the right size for your home.

Now, these signs don’t mean you need to panic about summer without your trusty A/C. But they are a call to action to get your air conditioning system inspected and repaired. Here at Sun, we’ve got your back. Our experienced technicians can help diagnose and fix your A/C problems before they become big issues. So, don’t ignore the red flags ­­– contact us today or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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