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Get Your AC Ready for Spring!

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So, it’s time to transition your home from heating to cooling! Follow these easy tips to make sure your AC is ready.

Inspect your outdoor AC unit

Make sure all the protective panels are in place and undamaged. Missing or misaligned panels can pose safety risks. Also, remove any condenser covers or blankets you may have put on the unit over the winter to protect it – they insulate in winter but prevent proper heat transfer in summer.

You’ll also want to clear any debris or dirt accumulated on the condenser coils over the winter. This debris prevents the coils from working efficiently. Additionally, ensure mulch or landscaping hasn’t built up to obstruct airflow around the outdoor unit.

Freshen up your home’s indoor air quality

Replace air filters, as the filters tend to collect more dust and allergens over the winter months, which can aggravate springtime allergies. Vacuum out the supply vents and return grills to remove any accumulated dust during the winter. Also, inspect the drainage line coming from the indoor unit to check for potential clogs that could cause water to back up and flood the system.

Check connection and circuit breaker

You’ll also want to make sure that your system components are functioning properly before firing up the cooling system for the first time. Inspect your thermostat settings and circuit breaker to ensure everything is switched on and set correctly.

Turn on the cooling system and monitor the airflow and temperature closely to make sure it is running smoothly. If you don’t feel cool air coming out or something seems off, shut off the system immediately and contact Sun for expert AC repair!

Time to think about…your furnace? (What?)

And remember maintenance for your furnace while prepping for cooling season. Turn off your furnace completely at either the unit itself or the gas supply line (if it is a gas furnace). Clear any clutter around the furnace to prevent damage over the hot months when it won’t be used. Consider scheduling an annual inspection for your furnace to identify any problems that need addressing before next winter.

With proper preparation and maintenance, your home’s heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable no matter the season! Contact us today or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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