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How Much Do YOU Love Your Furnace? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

How much do you love your furnace

It’s time to dust off your quiz-taking skills because today we’re seeing just how hot your love for your furnace really is!

Do you remember those “crush” quizzes from old magazines that would predict your love life’s future? This is exactly like one of those. Grab a pencil, tally your points, and let’s get quizzical!

1. How often do you schedule maintenance for your furnace?

A) Once a year, like clockwork. (5 points)

B) When I remember… so every few years? (2 points)

C) Maintenance? Isn’t that what Sun’s emergency line is for? (0 points)

2. When did you last replace the filter?

A) Last month – I’ve got a reminder set up. (5 points)

B) Uh, sometime last year, I think? (2 points)

C) It needs replacing? (0 points)

3. Do you listen closely to your furnace’s hums and hiccups?

A) Always. I’m on the lookout for any odd noises. (5 points)

B) Sometimes, if it’s loud enough to hear over the TV. (2 points)

C) Noise? It just blends into the background. (0 points)

4. How do you react when you see the energy bill?

A) I analyze it to see how efficient my furnace has been. (5 points)

B) I give it a quick glance and shrug. (2 points)

C) I cry a little inside. (0 points)

5. Have you ever cleaned around your furnace area?

A) Yes, it’s part of my spring cleaning ritual. (5 points)

B) I’ve given it a quick sweep now and then. (2 points)

C) You mean, it’s not a storage closet? (0 points)

6. What’s your furnace’s make and model?

A) I could recite it in my sleep! (5 points)

B) I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere… (2 points)

C) Make and model? It makes heat, and that’s enough for me. (0 points)

7. Do you know where your furnace’s manual is?

A) Of course, it’s right next to the unit. (5 points)

B) I think it’s in the junk drawer… maybe. (2 points)

C) Manual? It came with one of those? (0 points)

8. Have you ever bragged about your furnace to friends or family?

A) Yes, they all know about my amazing high-efficiency unit! (5 points)

B) Maybe once, when it was brand new. (2 points)

C) No, we don’t really talk about… appliances. (0 points)

9. How do you feel when you think about your furnace?

A) Warm and fuzzy – literally and figuratively. (5 points)

B) Indifferent, as long as it works. (2 points)

C) Anxious, what if it breaks down? (0 points)

10. What do you do when you hear about a new furnace feature?

A) Research it immediately to see if it’s worth an upgrade. (5 points)

B) Consider it for a bit, then forget about it. (2 points)

C) New features? Mine’s from the Stone Age, and I like it that way. (0 points)

Tally up your points and let’s see just how hot your love burns for your furnace!

40-50 points: You’re on Fire!

You and your furnace are the perfect match. You treat it with care, and it keeps your home cozy. Your dedication to furnace maintenance is truly heartwarming!

20-39 points: Lukewarm Love

Your affection is there, but it might be on autopilot. Show your furnace some extra love with regular check-ups and a bit more attention to detail.

0-19 points: It’s Complicated

It seems your relationship with your furnace could use some spark. Don’t worry; it’s never too late to start showing your furnace the love and care it deserves.

We hope this quiz brought a smile to your face!

Have more questions? Contact us today and Sun will be happy to get you and your furnace back on good terms! Or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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