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How to Prepare Your Furnace for a Blizzard!

Preparing your home for a blizzard

When the forecast starts throwing around words like “polar vortex” and “blizzard,” it’s not just a cue for cozy socks and hot soups…It’s a call to make sure your furnace is ready!

So, is yours? Here are some things to think about during the time of a blizzard:

Change your furnace filter

As you know, your filter is designed to keep the crud out so the warm air can get through. But when a blizzard hits, it can get clogged up fast. You could keep a stash of filters and change them yourself, or you could let Sun Heating and Cooling handle it. They’ll swap them out regularly, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Don’t overdo it

Also, give your system a break. Cranking the heat to max won’t just send your bills sky-high, it’ll put a ton of strain on your furnace. Keep it steady and trusty – Sun Heating and Cooling can help you find that sweet spot on the thermostat to keep you comfy without overworking your system.

Yes, it’s winter, but take a look at your A/C unit

Outdoor units need attention, too. Make sure they’re free from snow and ice, which can block airflow and make your furnace fight an uphill battle. The pros at Sun can clear it out and do a full system check while they’re at it. They’ll ensure vents are clear, and the intake and exhaust pipes are free of winter’s snowy grip.

Stay in the clear

You want the warm air in your home to be able to move freely. Furniture blocking vents? Time to rearrange. Sun’s experts can walk you through the best setup to keep your home toasty without any cold spots or overheated nooks.

Get a tune-up

And don’t forget about the heart of the system – the blower motor and the heat exchanger. These parts can get worn down or dirty over time, making your furnace work harder than it should. A pre-blizzard tune-up from Sun Heating & Cooling can catch any issues before they turn into big, cold problems.

Thoughts to leave you with…

So, of course, a blizzard is no time to realize your furnace isn’t up to snuff. Call us up before the storm hits! We’ll do the checks, make the fixes, and give you peace of mind.

That way, you can focus on the important stuff – like finding the best spot for your snow fort. Stay warm out there!

Contact us today to schedule a heating tune-up or repairs, or give us a call: (248) 986-1506

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