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How to Show Your Home Some LOVE


Your home and your HVAC system deserve the world for keeping you warm and comfy, right? So, this month, give your HVAC some TLC.

Today, we are giving you a tour through the Environmental Protection Agency’s guide[1] to make your HVAC system perform better and take the stress off of it.

You may not be treating your HVAC system well!

We know you probably don’t want to hear that you’re not the best partner to your HVAC system, but it’s true, many homeowners aren’t. Don’t worry, you can change! Did you know that the average home spends up to $1,500 annually on energy bills? This is a high number, and it means most homeowners are spending too much on both heating and cooling, which accounts for as much as 50% your home’s energy. But, if your HVAC system is the correct size, was installed correctly by the HVAC company, and is maintained well … You can save as much as 20% per year on your energy bills! Yes, all it takes is a little TLC.

How do you know your relationship isn’t the best?

Communication is important in a relationship, even the relationship between you and your HVAC system! But how will your HVAC system communicate with you, to tell you that there’s an issue?

Rooms too hot / cold

If your HVAC system seems temperamental and “hot and cold” with you, it could signal duct problems, like inadequate air sealing. It can also mean that your HVAC system is having to work too hard and can’t heat your home.

Humidity or air quality issues

Is your home’s air super dry in winter? Do you notice problems with dust? Perhaps your HVAC system is trying to tell you something you’re not listening to! Like, it’s improperly sized … An HVAC system that’s too big for your home might not sound like it should be a problem, but it actually is. This is because if the system is too large, it system shuts down before running a complete cycle. This not only increases wear-and-tear, but also causes indoor air quality issues: stopping before the cycle is complete means stopping before air is purified through the filter!

Your furnace is more than 15 years old

In real life, we hope that your relationship lasts longer than this! But unfortunately, in the world of HVAC, your relationship with your HVAC system will probably not last more than 15 years. Sorry, we’re just telling you what ENERGY STAR says … according to their high-efficiency guidelines, if your furnace is more than 15 years old, it’s time to start looking again!

Visit the matchmaker

Stay warm during the month of love, by consulting the professionals at H.A. Sun! We have so many heating options for you, from a zoned home, to a variable-speed furnace, to smart furnaces. We want to pick the right match for you! Contact us online or call now at (248) 986-1506.


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