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What if Your A/C is Working, But Not Well ENOUGH?


Usually when people talk about their air conditioner problems in the summer, the problem is that their A/C has stopped working completely. But what if it’s just not working well ENOUGH?

Not everything is black and white, and that’s especially true in HVAC. It’s not as simple as, your A/C is either working or not working. Many issues can impede air flow and efficiency.

How do I know if my air conditioner isn’t running at peak performance?

Most of the time the deficiencies of your air conditioner will be pretty obvious, because … well … you’ll be HOT! But even if you think your air conditioner is running well enough, it’s still important to check a few things, to confirm that it’s doing its job:

  • Make sure you’re changing your filter regularly, every month or two. It’s somewhat rare that a dirty filter will completely stop your air conditioner from working, but it may cause your A/C to be running constantly and never turn off. Which, of course, means it’s never reaching the desired temperature you set on your thermostat!
  • Speaking of the thermostat, make sure the batteries don’t need replaced. Check the display to see if the thermostat is running out of battery.
  • Go outside and make sure that your blower fan is working. You should be able to see and hear whether it’s working! And make sure there are no funny-sounding noises.
  • Now that you’re outside … how hot is it? If it’s very hot, and your air conditioner is old, keep in mind that extremely hot weather is tough for old systems to efficiently handle.

If you’ve considered everything on this checklist and you think your A/C is working fine, then that’s great!

My A/C is working … but not well enough

On the other hand, if your home’s air conditioning system is working, but not well enough, there are a couple of things you can try before calling in the professionals:

First, try shading your outside A/C unit. You can create a barrier to purposely shade the whole unit, or place bushes for shade. (But everything should be kept at least two feet away from the unit. That’s in order to give your unit breathing room, and also to give our technicians space to work when they come.) Second, if your A/C doesn’t seem to be performing at its peak, make sure that none of the vents in your home are blocked or closed off.

It’s not true that closing the vents in rooms you don’t use often helps you save money. It can actually be detrimental for your system in the long run, because it increases air pressure!

Call a Professional AC Contractor

If your air conditioner is working, but not well enough, give us a call! We’ll be happy to schedule maintenance to make sure your air conditioning system is truly the best it can be. Call your trusted Bloomfield Hills HVAC experts at (248) 986-1506 or schedule service online.

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