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What to Know Before Installing a New Air Conditioner


The process of installing a new air conditioner (A/C) can leave you feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. But we’re here to help with some insider information!

Do your research

The first thing you should do before investing in a new air conditioner is, learn a bit about air conditioner models and various features, and think about which features are important to you. Is it important to you to get a high-efficiency air conditioner model (that pays for itself in the long run by saving you money on your power bill every month)?

When you research A/C systems, you may see unique features like:

– Very quiet system

– Variable speed motor that can fine-tune exact temperatures

– Efficient compressor

– High-voltage protection

Are any of these features of interest to you? Do you have any questions about these features to ask your tech?

Think about your comfort preferences and your budget. If you know some specifics about A/C systems and features, it will be a lot easier to know which questions to ask before getting a new system installed.

Question your assumptions

Maybe you’ve gone through the process of getting a new A/C installed before, whether that was at another place you lived, or in the home you’re currently living in now.

If you’ve done this before, you may expect things to go the exact same way now — whether that’s in terms of the price of the system, or how the labor and installation itself went.

But, you should know that not every company provides perfect services, meaning that the installation or equipment you had installed last time could be wrong!

It’s very important that you have the right size A/C system to account for these factors:

– The size of your house and family

– How many pets you have

– Whether your home’s windows face north (getting more sun) or south (getting less sun

– How well-insulated your home is

– Local climate

A trained technician is supposed to use a manual with many complex calculations, that take all of these factors into account. But, if there was an improper calculation made when installing your old system, you may find that your new A/C being installed right now is not the same size!

Or, there may be other parts of the new installation process that are different from what you expected, such as needing to move or repair ductwork. Any of these things may come as a surprise to you as part of the installation, but we encourage you to go into the process with an open mind!

Of course, it’s easier to do that when you have full trust in a company and in its techs. You can rely on us at H.A. Sun!

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