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Why Can’t We Give You a Quote Over the Phone?


We can’t give you an estimate over the phone for how much your new air conditioner will cost you. But don’t worry, there’s a good reason why:

In order to assess what kind of AC equipment is optimal and provide as accurate an estimate as possible, we conduct a professional in-home visit. Currently, we understand the concern about social distance and other precautionary measures in order to not spread germs. To that end, our technicians are:

– regularly hand-washing

– social distancing

– being provided with masks, gloves, shoe covers and sanitary wipes

– utilizing no-contact service and payment procedures

The reason we want to come to your home is to make sure we can give you an accurate, honest quote, rather than giving an inaccurate ballpark amount … and surprising you later with the actual cost being higher than you thought. 

Let’s look at this another way with a different example: your car!  

Imagine if your car wouldn’t start, and you had no idea what was wrong with it. You wouldn’t call a mechanic and ask them how much the repair would cost, right? They would have no way of knowing without being able to actually take a look at your car, and assess your unique situation.

Or, if you were interested in buying a new car, you wouldn’t just call up a dealership and say, “How much does a new car cost?” without discussing your unique wants, needs, budget, etc. with the dealer.

The exact same thing should be true for a new AC system!

We need to be able to determine the right size for your replacement AC system, especially because the size of your existing system could easily be wrong for your home.

But there’s more to our in-home visit than just determining the size of your home, and thus the size of your air conditioning system. Additional factors go into giving you a quote on a new air conditioning system.

Factors like:

– How many rooms in your home are shaded versus sunny and the temperature difference that causes

– Number of people and pets in the household

– Clarification about the state of your existing equipment:

  • Do parts of your current HVAC system need to be moved?
  • Will your existing AC connector fit with a newer model?
  • Does your existing HVAC system need additional work, such as ductwork repair, in addition to the upfront cost of your new AC?

If you are interested in a new AC system, we are happy to answer any and all of your questions, and thoroughly talk you through the process. Just contact us online or call us at (248) 986-1506, because we want to give you the comfort you deserve in your Michigan home!

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