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Common Winter HVAC Problems

Winter brings lower and sometimes extreme temperaturechanges, all while we want to be cozy in our homes with our families andfour-legged friends.

Identify these common winter problems and havea qualified HVAC technician address them so you can stay cuddled up all winterlong.

InconsistentRoom Temperature

It’s difficult to get comfortable if thetemperature keeps changing in your home. This could be due to a draft, which isfixable by sealing leaky windows or doors and updating insulation. This issuecould also be due to unbalanced airflow which can be resolved by adjusting theair vents. If the temperature still remains unreliable, ask your HVAC technicianto inspect your coils or filters during your wintertune-up.


Your heat turns off, then on, then off again,constantly cycling. This is a sign of an issue inside your system. It ispotentially a malfunctioning part in your heater or a faulty thermostat. Thiscycling can lead to increased utility bill or an even more expensive issue socontact an HVAC technician for peace of mind.

DirtyAir Filters

Your heating and air conditioning system usesair filters to remove dust and other particles from your home’s air. This meansthat your system will collect debris and form clogs if the filters are notreplaced regularly. Your HVAC technician can replace your filters and clear anybuild-up surrounding the area, which will allow your system to performnormally.

CarbonMonoxide Leak

You do everything you can to keep your home safeand comfortable during each season. But you may not realize the potentialdanger of carbon monoxide. This gas is poisonous and it’s both odorless andtasteless, making it difficult to detect. Many carbon monoxide leaks arisebecause of damaged or rusted heaters.

Inspect the heat exchange for any defects.Also, check for adequate ventilation. Any blocked vents can prevent carbonmonoxide from exiting the home.

If you continue to experience inconsistent heating in your home contact a trusted local HVAC company like H. A. Sun Heating & Cooling to come and take a look. Trained HVAC technicians will be able identify small problems before they become big repairs – or possible dangers.

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