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Could Becoming an HVAC Tech Be Right for You?


The HVAC industry is in need of skilled technicians! This career path could be right for you, and today we’re going to tell you about the many reasons why:

Variety and not getting bored

Many people don’t like the idea of sitting behind a desk all day, every day … for 40+ years … but they end up in that type of position anyway. Being an HVAC tech means that you love learning and processes (maybe in high school, you loved learning mechanics or physics), but you don’t love sitting or standing still all day. As an HVAC tech, you get to solve problems and make a direct difference in people’s lives all day, and with every project you get to see the results of your skills, right in front of you! In so many jobs, you don’t get to see the immediate benefits that your work has on people, but in the HVAC field, you’re doing that all day! It’s a great feeling, and hands-on work outside of an office or retail environment is well-suited to many people, if they aren’t afraid to take the leap and try it!

Reduced education costs

As you’re probably already well aware, the rising cost of a college education nowadays is nothing to sneeze at! Did you know that nearly 45 million people in the U.S. have student loan debt, and that the average amount is a hefty $31,172[1]? On the other hand, becoming an HVAC tech and earning your certification costs anywhere from $1,000 – $15,000 – and if the high end of this figure still sounds steep, we understand! There’s also the option of applying for an apprenticeship, which is less expensive, but with the downside that you need three to five years of training rather than one year of training.

Either way, once you’re an HVAC tech, you can expect to earn, on average, $46,830, in the state of Michigan – but some techs make a whopping $85k[2]!

You’ll get to work with a talented team at H.A. Sun

Here at H.A. Sun, we are looking for established techs interested in perfecting their craft, but we are also interested in entry-level candidates. What we have to offer is not only highly competitive pay rates, but also paid training, health/dental/vision benefits, and great opportunities to advance within our company. But, more than anything, we treat our employees just like we treat our customers, with the utmost care, positivity, and sense of being a team. That’s why it’s so great to work for H.A. Sun! Check out our careers page or call us at (248) 986-1506, to learn more about how being an HVAC technician in the Bloomfield Hills area could be the best decision you’ll ever make!

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[2] Source: HVAC Training 101

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