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How to Clear Leaves Out of Your HVAC System


In September and October, it often feels like fall chores won’t “leaf” you alone! And when you think about these projects, your mind probably goes to raking, blowing, bagging, gutter cleaning … but not so much about how leaves impact your HVAC system.

Today, we have a few tips for making it easier to clear leaves from your HVAC system:

1. Clean out your A/C unit

Having leaves inside your A/C unit probably sounds like a pain, yet harmless, right? Unfortunately, it’s not harmless! When leaves fall under the A/C fan or grille, remember that’s where your compressor is. That part is what powers your air conditioner by heating and pressurizing refrigerant to help it flow through the system (and thus absorb heat from the surrounding air). If your compressor is clogged with leaves, not only could your air conditioner break, but the trapped refrigerant will also create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. That’s definitely not good!

2. Remove leaves from your pipes

Your rain gutters and pipes may get leaves in them – but there’s another pipe that you should check, too. The exterior of your home has a furnace intake pipe, and a furnace exhaust pipe. Usually it’s made of PVC, so it should be pretty easy for you to spot. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe can get leaves stuck in them. If the intake pipe is blocked, this makes it tougher for your furnace to get fresh air from outside. If the exhaust pipe is blocked, the consequences can be far worse. That’s because the exhaust pipe’s job is to safely funnel the carbon monoxide (CO) outside, that was created in the furnace combustion process. If this pipe is blocked, the CO has nowhere else to go except inside your home! So, it’s important to clean the leaves out of your gutters and pipes, but even more important to inspect your furnace intake and exhaust pipes to be sure they are cleared of leaves as well.

3. Call H.A. Sun for expert air conditioning help

We realize that many people may not feel comfortable inspecting or cleaning parts of their HVAC system on their own, however.

We’ve kept our Bloomfield Hills neighbors comfortable for 38 years running!  If you’d like our help preparing your HVAC system for fall, or you need any other service, contact us online or call us at (248) 986-1506.

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