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Keeping Your Thermostat Low … Is it Dangerous?


Ho, ho, ho! It’s the holiday season and you’re feeling merry … unless you prefer a cooler temperature in your home, while your spouse likes it hot!

Who’s right in this eternal battle over the thermostat? Well, here are the arguments:

The cost of high home temps

Heating accounts for as much as half of your home energy bill. So of course it makes sense to argue for going green and lowering your utility costs by maintaining a reasonably low temperature in your home! One easy way to invest long-term in keeping heating costs low is with a programmable thermostat.  These can be set to lower the temperature at night and when you’re away from home, on a set schedule, without you having to do so manually.

In fact, you can actually save a lot of money this way … If you turn down the thermostat down for eight hours every day of the month by 1°, you’ll use 1% less energy [1]. So that means if you turn the thermostat down by 10° at night, you’ll use 10% less energy! But that brings us to our next question: Is that safe?

The cost of low home temps

Did you know that, according to some studies, it’s actually not very safe for your health to keep your home’s temperature too low? But if you’re somebody who likes to keep it below 70°, don’t panic! The study mostly applies to older individuals (classified as 65+).

This was a 2014 study published in the science journal Public Health England [2]. Results showed that keeping the thermostat below 70° was dangerous for people over 65, causing slower recovery from health problems, increased blood pressure, and increased risk of blood clotting. The study showed the same was true for younger individuals, if the thermostat was kept below 65°.

One last thing the study showed was that people tend to get more sleep overall (the whole family) if the thermostat is kept at at least 70°. Yes, that’s true even for the people who run hot!

What to do

So as you can see, there are merits to both sides of the argument! Here at Sun Heating and Cooling, we understand that you want to keep your heating bill as low as possible.  And we also realize that everyone’s body needs different temperatures to properly function. So what’s the solution? We still think you should invest in a programmable thermostat and have it set at a temperature where you’re comfortable, during the times when you’re not sleeping. And then be sure it’s set to a safe minimum temperature while you are sleeping!

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[2] Public Health England

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