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Winter Allergies – Can a Humidifier Help?


If you’re dealing with winter allergies, you’ve probably already tried so many things to get rid of them! But have you tried something as simple as a humidifier?

Why a humidifier?

You’re probably thinking, the only thing that can really help with allergies is allergy medication. But, replacing the dry air in your home with moist, humid air is actually a big part of the equation!

One reason is (and we know this is a little “TMI”), the mucus in your nose and throat needs a certain amount of moisture, in order to easily blow your nose or cough. So if the air in your home is too dry, you may find yourself struggling more with winter allergies than usual, constantly trying to blow your nose or cough, but having your symptoms worsened by the dry air. The dry mucus can lead to more coughing and chest congestion.

How dry air can make you sicker than just allergies

Also, dry air in your home could cause worse than just allergies! The reason for this is, your mucus needs to be a little moist in order to keep catching bacteria and viruses. If your home’s air is too dry, then all the mucus in your nose is dried up, and you lose that protective barrier. So it could be that what you think are allergies is actually an illness caused directly by dry air in your home! Last but not least, dry air can also cause a condition called rhinitis, which is irritation of the nose and throat.

(Okay, we promise the gross part of this blog is over now!)

What to do in your Oakland County home

The same way that many people use a steam vaporizer or a mist humidifier in order to treat their sinuses to some nice moisture, something that could be even more effective for your winter allergies is a whole-home humidifier. It effectively circulates moisture all over the house, so you can enjoy the benefits of improved humidity this winter, 24/7!

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