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Do Portable Air Conditioners Actually Work?

Many portable air conditioners are pretty cheap! We’ve found them for as low as $89. But perhaps a better question would be, do they actually work?


What Did People Do To Keep Cool Before A/C?

In this world of modern luxuries that we often take for granted, one thing we DON’T take for granted is how innovative and incredible HVAC systems are!

woman breathing air

Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Pollen and other allergens are awful right now! To help combat these issues, we’ve created a list of the simple things you can do to keep your home fresh.

Does Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Need Attention?

Did your heating system finally call it quits just as Spring/Summer hit? Or if your furnace was not operating at 100%, by now…you may have noticed that your air conditioning isn’t up to speed either. It depends on the type of HVAC “system” you have. It may be that you require a whole new system. It’s time to find out!

Cooling Fixes for Multilevel Homes

Homes all across America experience uneven heating and cooling problems. This issue is more prominent in multilevel homes. When you invest in an expensive central heating and cooling system, you expect it to do its job. However, a variety of factors can keep it from being efficient. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to avoid and solve this problem.

What is R22?

If your current A/C unit was installed before 2010, then it most likely uses R22. If you’re not sure what R22 is then keep reading; we’ll catch you up!

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